Prof. Dr. Jan Bredereke

Reference/Literaturverweis [BrGoVo93]

Bredereke, J., Gotzhein, R. and Vogt, F. H.:
Design of a formal Estelle semantics for verification.
In Diaz, M. und Groz, R. (eds.), "Formal Description Techniques V", pp. 153-168. North-Holland. (1993).

Abstract / Zusammenfassung

One main purpose for the use of formal description techniques (FDTs) is formal reasoning and verification. This requires a formal calculus and a suitable formal semantics of the FDT. In this paper, we discuss the basic verification requirements for Estelle, and how they can be supported by existing calculi. This leads us to the redefinition of the standard Estelle semantics using Lamport's temporal logic of actions and Dijkstra's predicate transformers.

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