Prof. Dr. Jan Bredereke

Beiträge in begutachteten Büchern und Konferenzbänden

Bredereke, J.:
Enabling Neural Network Edge Computing on a Small Robot Vehicle.
In: Intelligent Distributed Computing XV. (Bremen, Germany, 14th–15th Sept. 2022). Studies in Computational Intelligence 1089. Springer. (2023). DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-29104-3_4. (abstract - pdf - slide handout in pdf)

Bredereke, J.:
A Survey of Time and Space Partitioning for Space Avionics.
In: "DASIA 2018 Data Systems In Aerospace". (Oxford, UK, 29th-31st May 2018). Session A10: TSP including Multicore & PU. Eurospace. (abstract - pdf - slide handout in pdf - slides in pdf)

Bredereke, J.:
Configuring Members of a Family of Requirements Using Features.
In Reiff-Marganiec, S. and Ryan, M. D., editors, "Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems VIII", pp. 96-113. IOS Press (Jun. 2005). (abstract - pdf - ps/gzip - slides in pdf)

Bredereke, J.:
On Feature Orientation and on Requirements Encapsulation Using Families of Requirements.
In Ehrich, H.-D., Meyer, J.-J., and Ryan, M. editors, "Objects, Agents, and Features", pp. 26-44. (c) Springer Verlag, LNCS 2975 (2004). (abstract - ps/gzip - pdf)

Bredereke, J.:
On Preventing Telephony Feature Interactions which are Shared-Control Mode Confusions.
In: Amyot, D. and Logrippo, L., (eds.) "Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems VII", pp. 159-176. IOS Press (June 2003). (abstract - ps/gzip - pdf - slides in pdf)

Bredereke, J., Lankenau, A.:
A Rigorous View of Mode Confusion.
In: Anderson, S., Bologna, S., and Felici, M. (eds.) "Computer Safety, Reliability and Security - 21st Int'l Conf., SafeComp 2002, Proceedings", pp. 19-31. (c) Springer Verlag, LNCS 2434 (Sep. 2002). (abstract - ps/gzip - pdf - slides in pdf)

Bredereke, J., Schlingloff, B.-H.:
An Automated, Flexible Testing Environment for UMTS.
In: "Testing of Communicating Systems XIV - Application to Internet Technologies and Services" , pp. 79-94. Kluwer Academic Publishers (Mar. 2002). (abstract - slides in ps/gzip)

Bredereke, J.:
A Tool for Generating Specifications from a Family of Formal Requirements.
In Kim, M., Chin, B., Kang, S., and Lee, D. (eds.): "Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems", pp. 319-334. Kluwer Academic Publishers (Aug. 2001). (abstract - tool home page)

Bredereke, J.:
Families of Formal Requirements in Telephone Switching.
In: Calder, M. and Magill, E. (eds.), "Feature Interactions in Telecommunication Networks VI", pp. 257-273, Amsterdam (May 2000). IOS Press. (abstract - ps/gzip)
(Proceedings of 6th Int'l Feature Interaction Workshop'00.)

Bredereke, J.:
Avoiding feature interactions in the users' interface.
In: Kimbler, K. and Bouma, L. G. (eds.), "Feature Interactions in Telecommunication Networks V", pp. 305-317. IOS Press, Amsterdam (Sep. 1998). (abstract - ps/gzip)

Bredereke, J.:
Formal Criteria for Feature Interactions in Telecommunications Systems.
In: Nørgaard, J. and Iversen, V. B. (eds.), "Intelligent Networks and New Technologies", Chapman & Hall (June 1996). (abstract)

Bredereke, J. and Gotzhein, R.:
Specification, detection and resolution of IN feature interactions with Estelle.
In: Hogrefe, D. and Leue, S. (eds.), "Formal Description Techniques VII", pp. 376-378, Chapman & Hall (1995). (abstract - ps/gzip)

Bredereke, J. and Gotzhein, R.:
Increasing the concurrency in Estelle.
In Tenney, R. L., Amer, P. D. und Uyar, M. Ü. (eds.), "Formal Description Techniques VI". North-Holland. (1994). (abstract - ps/gzip)

Bredereke, J., Gotzhein, R. and Vogt, F. H.:
Design of a formal Estelle semantics for verification.
In Diaz, M. und Groz, R. (eds.), "Formal Description Techniques V", pp. 153-168. North-Holland. (1993). (abstract - ps/gzip)

Andrae, C., Bredereke, J., Hille, C., et. al.:
Praktischer Einsatz und Weiterentwicklung von Estelle.
In Encarnacao, J. (ed.), "Telekommunikation und multimediale Anwendungen der Informatik", Informatik-Fachberichte 293, pp. 265-275, Proceedings, GI-21. Jahrestagung, Darmstadt (14-18 Oct. 1991).