Prof. Dr. Jan Bredereke

Reference/Literaturverweis [BrLa05]

Bredereke, J., Lankenau, A.:
Safety-Relevant Mode Confusions - Modelling and Reducing Them.
Reliability Engineering & System Safety 88(3), 229-245 (June 2005).

Abstract / Zusammenfassung

Mode confusions are a significant safety concern in safety-critical systems, for example in aircraft. A mode confusion occurs when the observed behaviour of a technical system is out of sync with the behaviour of the user's mental model of it. But the notion is described only informally in the literature. We present a rigorous way of modelling the user and the machine in a shared-control system. This enables us to propose precise definitions of "mode" and "mode confusion" for safety-critical systems. We then validate these definitions against the informal notions in the literature. A new classification of mode confusions by cause leads to a number of design recommendations for shared-control systems. These help to avoid mode confusion problems. Our approach supports the automated detection of remaining mode confusion problems. We apply our approach practically to a wheelchair robot.


human factors, mode confusion, shared-control system, safety-critical systems.

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