Prof. Dr. Jan Bredereke

Reference/Literaturverweis [Bre03a]

Bredereke, J.:
On Preventing Telephony Feature Interactions which are Shared-Control Mode Confusions.
In: Amyot, D. and Logrippo, L., (eds.) "Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems VII", pp. 159-176. IOS Press (June 2003).

Abstract / Zusammenfassung

We demonstrate that many undesired telephony feature interactions are also shared-control mode confusions. A mode confusion occurs when the observed behaviour of a technical system is out of sync with the behaviour of the user's mental model of it. Several measures for preventing mode confusions are known in the literature on human-computer interaction. We show that these measures can be applied to this kind of feature interaction. We sketch several more measures for the telephony domain.


Feature interaction; human-computer interaction; shared-control systems; mode confusion.

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