Prof. Dr. Jan Bredereke

Reference/Literaturverweis [Bre18a]

Bredereke, J.:
A Survey of Time and Space Partitioning for Space Avionics.
In: "DASIA 2018 Data Systems In Aerospace". (Oxford, UK, 29th-31st May 2018). Session A10: TSP including Multicore & PU. Eurospace.

Abstract / Zusammenfassung

We present a survey of the current state of the reseach on time and space partitioning (TSP) for space avionics. The availability of ever more powerful computers allows to assign many control tasks to a single computer easily, in principle. But in its naïve form, this would mean too much effort and thus cost for demonstrating dependability. For aircraft, there is already an approach to solve this problem, the Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) architecture. For spacecraft, the basic problem is similar. But in detail, the setting is different, though. This paper compiles a survey and identifies relevant research challenges.


time and space partitioning, space avionics, integrated modular avionics

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